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hp repair ukHP Repair UK is HP laptop repair Centre in london UK providing HP Laptop Repairs across London, South West London and surrounding areas. Our hp repairs include screen, DC power jack, circuit board, troubleshooting, part replacement and upgrading. HP Repair UK is an efficient computer repair Company in the UK, offering low cost hp laptop repair, upgrade and maintenance services. Our team of certified HP repair technicians has extensive hand-on experience in repairing and upgrading hp laptops. Whether your Microsoft windows has stopped responding or your computer has become very slow connecting to the internet, we have the know-ho and expertise to repair and upgrade all models of hp laptop computer problems.

HP Laptop Repair

Our HP laptop repair technicians and computer hardware engineers have hands-on experience and the training required to diagnose and repair most laptop motherboards experiencing video card or display problems resulting in multiple images, unexpected characters on the screen, distorted video, no video, scrambled video, vertical and horizontal lines, flickering screen or white lines on screen. Come and be part of our laptop repairs uk happy customers.

Our hp laptop repair service team provide reliable computer repairs in London UK including; expert computer hardware repair, cracked or broken laptop screen replacement . Smashed screen simply place a call us and one our member of staff will advice you on low cost computer screen repairs. Broken your DC power jack or having problem with Motherboard and need quick same day replacement? Our tech team carry out effective Low cost laptop screen repair, DC power jack repair and replacement for all HP Notebook computers. We also repair keyboards as well as Memory upgrade and replacement at reasonable rates just call us.

HP Laptop Repair Service - motherboard - screen - power DC jack

As part of our hp laptop repair services in london, we help customers solve HP laptop freezes, crashes, or slowdowns, expertly install, upgrade windows operating system issues. Where system reset and restore is necessary, one of our hp certified technicians will Install critical OS patches for your system, remove Viruses and Spyware, tune up your pc, troubleshoot Internet related wireless issues and fan cleaning. HP Repair UK team has computer hardware repair expertise to replace, maintain and solve a range of problems with HP laptop touchpads, circuit board, display hinges, screens, keyboard, power DC jack connectors and laptop data recovery for all models of HP pc and laptop computers.

London HP Notebook Repair & Upgrade UK

hp notebook repair ukWe provide specialist London HP Notebook repairs, diagnosis and upgrade services for residential customers and businesses in London in the UK. We  carry our repairs, replace, maintain and service all HP notebook screens, HP notebook keyboards, power DC jack connectors, HP notebook touchpads, HP display hinges, HP laptop motherboards and casing for all models of HP laptop computers. 

We are London based computer repair Company with track record in troubleshooting and solving hardware and software issues of all pc and laptops. Our team of experts have practical experience required to repair, replace, maintain and upgrade all HP Notebook Pcs and laptop computers.

Reputable HP laptop repair service in London

Other laptop repair shops in London bring their work to us for comprehensive repairs and upgrade services offered by specialist HP Repair UK team of computer hardware engineers and software experts. As one of the leading computer repair companies in the UK, HP Repair UK is the ultimate London based hp notebook repair and upgrade centre with the hands-on experience required to repair all models of HP PC problems:

  • NTLDR is missing,
  • BOOTMGR is missing,
  • Windows fails to start,
  • Boot Device Not found,
  • Notebook PC shuts down unexpectedly,
  • Notebook DVD/CD ROM cannot read discs,
  • Notebook PC Windows Stops Responding,
  • Notebook PC randomly freezes or shuts down,
  • Notebook PC will not power on,
  • HP notebook is noisy and
  • Notebook is Very sluggish connecting to the Internet.

HP Repair UK - Out of Warranty - Laptops - Notebaooks - Tablets - PCs

For further information about our specialist out of warranty Hewlett-Packard PC and laptop repairs  call us, we can arrange professional courier pick up services for those who cannot bring their faulty hp notebook pc to our repair centre. Call HP Repair UK, a specialist Hewlett-Packard computer repair company at 020 7820 0009 or e-mail us at

HP Notebook Repairs

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HP Computer Repairs

HP Laptop Repair Centre

We are a London based full-service centre, providing Same Day Repairs for all makes and models of HP laptop, Tablets and desktop computers. Our London repair services include broken screen HP laptop repair, virus Trojan or adware removal for HP laptops

As part of our computer repairs in London, we offer low cost HP laptop repair maintenance and upgrade services for london residents and small businesses in and around south west london and the City of london.

At HP Repair UK, We Repair Computers. One of the leading computer repair companies for Tablet, PCs and Laptops